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Squid news today (our favorite internet news) : How To Create Successful And Innovative Products

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Title : 8 Tips On How To Create Successful And Innovative Products

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It all starts with an idea to create a product; then making the product.

Below are characteristics which your product or brand has to have if it is to be profitable. They are elaborative. Apply them to your product.

1.   It has to serve an identifiable purpose(s) or deliver value to consumers

2.   It has to be of better value from your competition, in the eye of consumers

3.   Deliver efficiency

4.   Easily defined products and product features

5.   Good quality, good after sales service and maintenance

6.   Well branded product

7.   Don’t take forever building your product

8.   Protect product use value through innovation and consistent enhancement

This was an excerpt from my book ‘Forget The Business Plan Use This Short Model’. The book points out what is important and crucial for an entrepreneur to concentrate on. A shorter and efficient business plan format. It’s a guidance of what is vital in running a profitable, sustainable and growing business. It’s meant to make things easier for entrepreneurs, by keeping the main things main.

Tiisetso Maloma is a South African businessmen, author of Forget The business Plan Use This Short Model, business model innovating consultant at At Large Communications and he writes economic  and entrepreneurial development programmes for AfriBizCulture (NPO). His current startup (co-found) is DVDapps, a DVD disc based edu-training-app authoring company. Tiisetso social: Twitter @TiisetsoMalomaBlogLinkedinQuoraFacebook,Pinterest

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