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Squid news today (our favorite internet news) : Social Media Competitive Analysis

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Title : How to Do a Social Media Competitive Analysis

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Introduction to the post :

Some worthwhile reasons for doing this type of analysis are:

  1. To get ideas for how your brand can engage in the social media channel
  2. To identify opportunities your competitors may be missing (and therefore your brand can uniquely offer)
  3. To gage how the overall market for your product or service engages in social media or a specific social network


Make a Spreadsheet

After you have identified your competitors and what data you will analyze, make a spreadsheet that lists each of your competitors and each item you will measure. Compiling all of this information in one data set (or table) will help you look at the big picture when you are complete.

Comment : 

When you want to have some feeling with the social media, you'll need to invest in analysis.  Otherwise you'll never can understand how it works and what the succes factors are.

Gommers Sarah

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