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Title : Effective Content Marketing with Visuals: Your 5-Step Guide

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2. Creating custom infographics 

Among the more common visual embellishments of late is the infographic. Its meteoric rise to popularity last year led to the creation of info-rich graphics on every subject from “The Impact of Twitter on Major Brands” to “10 Strange Ways to Stay Healthy.” Businesses can compress entire white papers into these bite-sized, brightly colored pictures, and increase the odds that busy clients will view and share them. Effective content marketing agencies can attract new business by using infographics to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise.

That said, not all infographics are created equal. A good infographic is appealing to the eye, but also highly relevant to your target audience. Its content is both consistent with your brand and distinctive to viewers (fellow CMI contributor Andrianes Pinantoan offers many more tips here). When promoting your infographic, don’t stop at your corporate or agency blog, or even social media. Employ visual directories like Submit Infographics and Reddit’s infographics to ensure that your effort thoroughly makes the rounds.

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